In House Training

In House Training

In House Training in corporate governance delivers, in a confidential setting, effective solutions for the development needs of your board, through customised training programmes that equip your board with the knowledge and tools to achieve its objectives.

This Customised training programmes are delivered by people who are not only skilled facilitators and experts in the field of corporate governance, but most importantly, they also work at board level within organisations ranging from regulated financial entities, multinational corporates and SMEs, to private and not-for-profit bodies, and are experienced directors.

What’s covered

Training programmes are designed and customised for each client to match their particular requirements. However, more general programmes may include the following:
  1. Corporate Governance Evolution and Best Practice
  2. Relevant Corporate Governance Codes and Statutory Frameworks
  3. Directors’ Duties and Responsibilities
  4. Potential Liabilities / Conflicts of Interest
  5. Role and Tasks of the Board
  6. Matters Reserved for the Board / Delegated Authorities
  7. Board Composition / Board Committees
  8. Board Induction Training
  9. Board Dilemmas
  10. Risk Management
  11. Board Development
  12. Benefits for your board
  13. Strategic Leadership
Undertaking bespoke board training in corporate governance, delivers a number of benefits for your board:
  1. Better understanding of the role and duties of the director
  2. Increased knowledge of current best practice in governance and risk management
  3. Improved capacity to identify, define and manage conflicts of interest

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