• 19th Jun 2023 to: 23rd Jun 2023
  • 0900hrs - 1600hrs

Directors need to learn to see situations from an organization-wide perspective, to think at a strategic level, to be much more aware of the changing social, political, and technical environment around their organization, and to learn how to hold managers accountable for their work. to judge when to intervene in a situation and when to stand back and more importantly provide leadership during a crisis.

The Institute of Directors (Kenya) is focused on growing and developing a new generation of leaders for board contribution.

Through our Director’s Professional Development initiative, this program is designed to provide Leaders, Directors, Senior Executives, and Managers with an in-depth understanding of the new concepts and strategic issues underpinning leadership and governance. Discussions will be focused on the importance of leadership and good governance, the frameworks and models that can be used to implement best practices, and the duties and responsibilities of leaders in executing sound leadership and governance practice


Mombasa Kenya


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