Board Appraisals or Evaluations

Your board defines the culture and operating style of your organisation. It is important that you understand how it performs. 

The Goal Board Evaluations

  1. Providing a periodic opportunity for the board to pay detailed attention to the firm’s corporate governance framework, which can often be overshadowed by short-term business issues during regular board meetings;
  2. Testing directors’ knowledge of the business and its strategic situation;
  3. Assessing the balance of skills, knowledge and experience on the board and its committees;
  4. Identifying weakness that can be remedied by training and development, or the introduction of additional or replacement board members;
  5. Reviewing current board and committee working practices, and considering how to improve efficiency;
  6. Reviewing the effectiveness of board’s strategic thinking and decision-making;
  7. Providing an ongoing challenge to attitudes on boards with long-serving or dominant directors;
  8. Generating information for shareholders and other legitimate stakeholders concerning the functioning of the board and overall approach to corporate governance

The Board Evaluation Process

  1. Selection of the external facilitator;
  2. Planning of the evaluation process, including briefing the board;
  3. Gathering of evidence by the external facilitator, typically using board governance analysis questionnaire;
  4. Drafting of a board evaluation report by the external facilitator;
  5. Delivery of the board evaluation report to the R&N and Board chairs;
  6. Discussion of the board evaluation report by the entire board;
  7. Meetings between the chairman and individual directors to discuss individual director evaluations; meeting between the R&N Committee Chair and the chairman to discuss the chairman’s personal evaluation;
  8. Determination of a board development strategy by the board

Why IoD (K)?

  1. The Institute of Directors (Kenya) is a recognized professional training services provider. 
  2. As a member of the Africa Corporate Governance Network (ACGN) and a partner of the International Finance Corporation, the Institute has access to professionals drawn from all over the world.
  3. The Institute has a pool of highly experienced facilitators offering world-class material delivery.