Digitalfirst Leadership

The future of 21st-century digital-first leadership is full of opportunity. 

As a board member, you are not the exception to building a solid online presence. Your personal brand and social presence hold A LOT more weight––not only for yourself but for the organisation in which you serve. Today, conversations most often take place on social media platforms and therefore you may have to embrace social media as a way to build an online audience, develop a thought leadership community and wield influence.

The work from home initiatives and newly adopted models have changed the way we work and interact professionally. This calls for all leaders from the boardroom, C-Suite executives to the rest of management not just to be digitally equiped, but savvy too. 

So how do you lead a 21st-Century Company Digitally-First? Every leader needs to posses some key ingredients to be effective in the new digital world. The last thing you want in the boardroom is the belief that digital is somebody else’s problem.

1. As a leader or board, developing your Authentic Voice would teach you how to connect with others and build a community around what’s important to both individual's and organization’s values.

2. Setting yourself apart by standing out from the crowd incorporates the 3 P’s, Predictability, Persistent, Presence, that help build an audience and lead a community.

3. Learning and appreciating the Tools helps in translating your digital presence to other social media platforms.

4. Telling Powerful Stories assists in engaging your audience by demonstrating leadership with your unique narrative.

5. Don't Go It Alone work with your community of engagement

6. Fostering a Digital-First Culture allows to build and foster a team with a new business culture focused on the vast digital and online capabilities among today’s realities.

This is the better way to have your newfound knowledge of 21st-century communication tools and engagement recognized by your fellow board members, clients, and customers as an online pioneer and digital-first leader.